REaction 2012 – Conference on renewable energy from July 26, 2012

With the cost of power generated using diesel at over Rs.50,000 crore every year for Indian industry and set to only go up, it is imperative to switch over to renewable energy sources.

Seeking to convey this message, organisers of the upcoming ‘REaction 2012,’ a two-day conference on D2R (diesel to renewable), said use of the fuel for power generation remained a major concern for almost every industry. Besides the high cost, of over Rs.15 per kWh, diesel is dirty, non-renewable and its price is dependent on the volatile Middle East.

The conference, being organised by Energy Alternatives India (EAI) here from July 26, would create awareness about the renewable alternatives and showcase how solar PV (photovoltaic), solar thermal, biomass, organic waste, fuel cells and biofuels could partially or fully replace diesel.

A shift from diesel to renewable energy was happening but required a greater push, EAI Director Narasimhan Santhanam said. The participants would include experts from Indian and global renewable energy and clean technology sectors, technology solutions providers and banks, private equity companies and venture capital firms.

Editor of Panchabuta Vineeth Vijayaraghavan said the shift from diesel was not at the desired pace more on account of the mindset than technical challenges. Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry Regional Director Merlin Sarah Simon said the chamber was partnering the EAI for the event.